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From the Depot to walls of Art Gym: Bryan Dahlberg’s “Developing Reality

American Academy of Bookbinding - Paper Conservation, Level 2

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This second level is designed to provide continuing paper conservation students with an opportunity to expand and deepen their knowledge through practical application, working with projects of the student’s choice. Main focus points are reviewing existing knowledge, humidification methods, washing techniques and advanced flattening and drying techniques. Participants will learn more advanced repair techniques, basic lining methods, the importance of sizing as well as the toning of repair papers.

Projects may consist of books, maps, prints, drawings and other two-dimensional paper objects. Projects should be achievable within the scope of the student’s current working knowledge and experience and the time allotted. Selected projects may include some challenging elements for individual student growth but care should be taken to avoid complex tasks and techniques that are too advanced for the student’s level. Tape removal will not be addressed in this class. Students will be expected to prepare pre-treatment reports along with before photos prior to class. Working with the instructor, treatment options will be discussed and determinations for treatment will be made. Lectures may include advanced paper chemistry, material studies, damage analysis, decision methodology, as well as the pros and cons of different treatments. Participants will need to have completed the Basics in Conservation course or equivalent experience.

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Alicia Bailey + Ravenpress Workshops - Pasted Paper & Cloth Workshop

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Spend an afternoon making pasted paper and pasted cloth. Pasted paper is one of the earliest forms of decorative papers for use in bookbinding, calligraphy, printmaking, collage, stamping, and origami. With a few adjustments, the same techniques and materials can be adapted to use with cloth.This class will be held in my studio. The studio is not ADA compliant.

NOTE: Advance registration required. Registration is through Art Students League of Denver. Workshop hours are 11am-4pm on August 24.



About Ravenpress

Publisher of limited edition artists’ book works.

In 1996 I made my first limited edition bookwork – Tool Box. Although I didn’t have any training in bookbinding, I jumped right in. It was evident that my knowledge, experience and skills were not up to my vision for that first book.

I set out to gain skill with tools, materials and methods; some new to me but many familiar from years of studio work in other fields. I surmised that creating miniatures would be a good way to develop finer handskills and work through ideas quickly. So many of my early edition bookworks are miniatures.

To discover a world of collectors of the miniature was a lovely surprise – and I still cherish the connections I made through the world of the miniature limited edition artists’ books. I learned a lot from publishing miniature books in edition and I still occasionally publish titles in this genre; some of those early titles are still in print.

Ravenpress editions are small, most fewer than 25. I do not work in letterpress so these books are created with a combination of digital and hand-worked means. The digital arsenal includes laserprinting, color toner printing, occasional color inkjet printing, laser cutting and etching.

I use various printmaking techniques such as intaglio, relief printing, silkscreen, woodblock/cut, solvent transfers and monoprinting in my books. Materials range from the norms of bound books (book board, paper, cloth, leather, thread) to less typical materials such as glass, wood, ceramic and various plastics.

Saturday Volunteer Days

Saturday Volunteer Days

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Want to get involved with the Letterpress Depot? Or just check it out?

We have yardwork to do, construction projects, inventory & type identification needed, and more amazing machines to clean and oil and get inky. Please join us any time 10 to 4.