Another February Volunteer Day

Letterpress Depot (map)

More chances to volunteer!  We'll be scheduling volunteer days on Saturdays, but if there's another day that suits you better, just fill out the form on our volunteer page or call Tom at 720-48-5358 and tell him which days work for you.  We can use help moving, inventorying, labeling, shoveling and just about anything you can imagine. We're at Galapago and Dartmouth in Englewood, just east of Santa Fe. See ya.

It's Mo'Print time! Check out all the action!

Redline (map)

Mo'Print is a month of printing, a biennial event to celebrate the art of making prints. Please check the Mo'Print site for more details on all the activities going on throughout the month of March (and some in April too). Depot board members and volunteers will be participating in two events. First, come see our work at Open Portfolio, a display of letterpress printing,  alongside etching, relief, litho and screenprinting.  It's free at Redline, 2350 Arapahoe in Denver, 2-5pm. 


Mo Mo'Print

Want to see inside a print shop? Come check out the very different studios of Depot board members Tom Parson (Now It's Up To You, 157 South Logan) and Jason Wedekind (Genghis Kern, 2626 W. 32nd Ave). There are dozens of other studios also opening their doors from 10-4 on March 24. 


Steamroller printing

Rocky Mt College of Art and Design (map)

Yes, there's a real steamroller, and yes it prints! If you've never seen steamroller printing, you're missing something. Mo'Print, the month+ of printing, is making this all possible at RMCAD.  You can watch for free, but if you want to have your own carved block printing, check out the requirements and register at