Welcome to the Letterpress Depot


Welcome to the Letterpress Depot

Happy 2018! 

We hope to see you Wednesday the 17th at 5 at Brews on Broadway for our first meetup of the new year! 
Englewood residents will even get $1 off their beer! See the event page on facebook!


After an incredible 2017 of work and fundraising for the Depot it's time to take a breath and look ahead to 2018! Come hear about our progress and learn how you could help MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Six times a year the Letterpress Depot organizes informal member gatherings at a local brewery. This is a great opportunity to meet other people interested in letterpress printing, have a pint, and talk type (or presses... or printing... ). We had a blast connecting with our friends and member, Englewood residents, and meeting new letterpress enthusiasts at our previous meetups! Hope to see you there!

Now It Begins!
Friends after months of hard work and construction on the lower level and ADA access ramp we have reached an important milestone. The first four (of over a dozen) presses and first five cabinets of type (again of dozens) have been moved into the the Letterpress Depot! We still need ongoing support to fund electrical, HVAC and Plumbing BUT... We are super excited to be dropping this anchor.



Thank you to everyone who donated in 2017!

Please  Consider a year end gift! all donations til 12/31 doubled

SUCCESS FROM OUR CONCLUDED! INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN:  Friends, at the end of summer concluded our Indiegogo campaign! We raised $27,000 on Indiegogo and another $17,000 offline! See below for our heartfelt thanks to our major contributors. If you'd still like to make a contribution consider joining or upgrading your membership! We also always take analog donations made out to "Englewood Depot, Inc" at PO Box 798, Englewood CO, 80151! Thanks!


Johannes Gutenberg Circle

Thank You To PUBLICATION PRINTERS which has a long history in Denver, for supporting us at the Johannes Gutenberg Circle level!  In 1926, the Rosenbergs, a family of printers, came to Denver. In 1979, brothers Gary and IV Rosenberg founded Publication Printers, which prides itself on being innovative, progressive, and a trusted leader in the web printing industry. Publication Printers started out doing coldset newspaper printing and evolved into one of the country’s leading web printers, successfully marketing and distributing magazines, catalogs, brochures, direct mail, digital editions and more – taking care of every aspect of the project from printing and binding to mailing and shipping. Gary remains as president and CEO of this 2nd generation family-owned business.

Benjamin Franklin Circle

Paul Hunter – The Letterpress Depot is SO thankful to Award-winning poet, printer, music maker, teacher and one of the most productive people we know, Paul Hunter who runs Woodworks Press for being a major donor to the Depot – in addition to donating his lovely Woodworks Press poetry books to our summer 17 Indiegogo campaign! Paul’s most recent book, Clownery, In lieu of a life spent in harness,  is made up of autobiographical prose poem vignettes tracing the full life of someone resembling the author, with all the juggling and pratfalls that life has to offer! 

William Morris Circle

the Wyoming Bergmans – Letterpress Depot Board President Peter Miles Bergman would like to thank his Wyoming parents Harold and Annie Bergman. He says, "It feels great to have scientists as parents who have always enthusiastically supported their artist children. Love you Mom and Dad!"
Tom Speer – The Letterpress Depot would like to thank avowed luddite – but talented videographer – Tom Speer for supporting the cause of preserving analog technology and being a major donor to the campaign. (Tom does not have a website…)
Peter Waldor – The Letterpress Depot sincerely thanks Peter Waldor, for being a major donor to our campaign. Peter was poet laureate of San Miguel County, Colorado in 2014 and 2015. His most recent book is “State of the Union.”
Peter Bergman and Heather Link-Bergman – Thank you SO much to Peter and Heather, artists and printers who use letterpress in their work. Peter has been a board member since 2013 and President since October 2015. He teaches beginning typography students at MSU Denver how to hand set type and print on equipment and type that Tom Parson initially helped the university procure and set up. 
Tom and Patti Parson – We are forever grateful to Tom and Patti! Tom is our Executive Director, a master letterpress printer and the dreamer and visionary behind the Depot. Patti is the board’s secretary, in addition to being Managing Producer for the PBS NewsHour. She says her printing talents are minimal but enthusiastic! 
Ken and Joyce Letzler – Thank you to Ken and Joyce! Retired attorney Ken has been named as one of the country's leading antitrust lawyers by a number of publications, but his firm also celebrated his baseball playing skills. Joyce is renowned as a gracious and welcoming host. 
Martha Cooper – We are motivated and inspired by Martha Cooper who made a matching funds pledge! Martha’s editorial career began with letterpress publications, both newspaper and magazines. She says “it's fun to see all the art being produced letterpress” and “doubly fun to see the Depot’s progress.”
Polly and Bill Parson – We want to express our heartfelt thanks to Seattleites Bill and Polly Parson, long-time generous backers of the Letterpress Depot!

Frederic Goudy Circle

Annette and Tom DeMay – Letterpress Depot Board President Peter Miles Bergman would like to thank his Californai parents Annette and Tom DeMay. He says, "It feels great that at 44 years old I can hit up my folks for some major money and they come through the same day! Love you Mom and Dad!"
Amy Kitt – Thank you to Denver designer Amy Kitt for your generosity in becoming a major donor to the Letterpress Depot! We appreciate it SO much!
Miles O’Brien – The Letterpress Depot would like to sincerely thank Miles O’Brien, the lead science correspondent for the PBS NewsHour, where he reports Wednesdays on its Leading Edge series, frequently for NOVA, and on his own website mobprod.com for being a major donor to our campaign. If you like your science factual, understandable and comprehensive, check out his reporting like this PBS News Hour report on the Science March!
Jenny Thomas and Dan Sjogren – We would like to extend our gratitude to designers Dan Sjogren and Jenny Thomas. for being major donors to our campaign! Dan uses “old-school craftsmanship with ultra-techy digital production to create modern furniture and home goods” Check out his work and website! Jenny is a designer who specializes in using “visual design, compelling copy, and an interest in creating meaningful customer experiences” to bring brands to life! 
Alicia Bailey – Thank you Alicia Bailey of Abecedarian Artists' Books – for supporting our campaign at the Frederick Goudy Circle level! Alicia is a long-time pillar in the Denver Artists’ Books community and, “fervently believes that Denver's book arts community, and general quality and thoughtfulness towards what is created here in the book arts, will take some major strides forward once the Depot is an actual facility.”
Linda Winslow – Thank you to former PBS News Hour Executive Producer Linda Winslow for becoming a major donor to our campaign. 
George Hamilton – Thank you to George Hamilton who has been printing since the 1940s and continues to do so exquisitely on a Kelsey Press. He lives in Vienna, Austria but comes to the US for about every meeting of the American Amateur Press Association, the National Amateur Press Association and the many other groups he belongs to. Danke schön George!
Bill Whitley – Bill Whitley has been involved with the Museum of Printing in Massachusets, and is helping a local history museum in Ft. Collins Colorado with an exhibit on printing in 2018 for which the Letterpress Depot will loan a small press!
Lisa Abendroth and Eric GrattanLisa Abendroth is a Professor of Communication Design at MSU Denver and the co-editor of the Public Interest Design Practice Guidebook! When she’s not enmeshed in public interest design she’s rafting Colorado’s rivers and skiing it’s slopes with her husband Eric Grattan, an IT professional and avid outdoorsman.



GE Johnson Construction Company – GE Johnson is "committed to building upon a legacy of philanthropy to, and engagement within, the communities in which we work and live by fostering support in the following areas: Education, Health and Human Services, the Environment, Sports and Recreation and the Arts.” 

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The Letterpress Depot: a living museum of letterpress printing, typography, design, poetry and art – a working vintage letterpress printshop, with space for exhibits, demonstrations, workshops, events and meetings, as well as typographic research and printing projects – to be a resource available to the community.

Check out our Marketplace for posters sold in support of the Depot and to "buy" workshops. Even though the building is not ready, workshops are up and running around town. Let us know what you or your group wants to learn and we can accommodate. Past workshops can be found under News & Notes while upcoming ones will be also posted in Workshops. The Depot is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. 

The depot itself has long attracted attention throughout the area, both for its architectural design and for its historic importance. “The Letterpress Depot” – a name that is inclusive for the community as well as an expansive metaphor for the artistic and historic destinations and journeys we expect our living museum to offer: all aboard!

An inspired rendition of our improvement to the grounds and basement access by Letterpress Depot board member Kim Morski

An inspired rendition of our improvement to the grounds and basement access by Letterpress Depot board member Kim Morski

A calendar of upcoming Colorado Letterpress events

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