• Relevant Goods (map)
  • 250 Broadway
  • Denver, CO, 80203
  • United States

Printmaker and all-around-creative Depot board member Kim Morski, whose work is always fascinating as she examines human nature through the lens of historical and socio-political content, has a show starting November 4 at Relevant Goods in Denver. Blizzard is a series of 22 collagraph monoprints in which visual information is obscured by means of accumulation, redaction, and cover up. Fifteen prints from the series will be on display. 

According to Kim, "the title of the series is a reference to the term “blizzarding”, coined by sociologist Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor to describe tactics used by U.S. Government officials to frustrate public inquiry into classified information. In response to Freedom of Information Act requests made by Martino-Taylor for her research into secret radiological weapons tests carried out in St. Louis shortly after WWII, she received a “blizzard” of digital documents, making the actual information she requested extremely difficult to sort out. The monoprints also reference internal memos made by Donald H. Rumsfeld during his tenures as Secretary of Defense. The memos (known as “snowflakes” at the Pentagon because there were so many) have a quality of candor and transparency, all the while revealing no certainty of truth."

A show to be seen for what it shows and what gets hidden.