• Letterpress Depot (map)
  • West Dartmouth at 3098 S Galapago
  • Englewood, CO

In fact, we have many loads to move!  The patio, made up of 6,400 bricks leaks. The fix? remove all the bricks and put in a new barrier. See where I am heading?

bricks to go.jpg

 Right! This week at the Depot in sunny weather we are moving and stacking the bricks. As Tom says, "Good light exercise in fresh air"  And if you're not a brick person, additional volunteer options this week include inventory of type and pressroom equipment,  design discussion for depot pressroom, and  continuing minor construction activity. Choose your tool and focus  Call Tom to check timing, any weekday or weekend day you are available this week: 720-480-5358 or englewooddepot@gmail.com. With thanks!