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This is an entry-level leather binding class for the Fine Binding and Integrated Studies Programs as well as an intermediate class for continuing Fine Binding students. In this class, students will learn and develop an understanding of traditional bookbinding techniques, beginning with a laced-on, leather-covered board structure. The class will introduce and further acquaint students with techniques needed in future fine binding and specialty courses at the Academy. Students will become familiar with hand sewing using a sewing frame, rounding and backing, weaving headbands, as well as leather paring and applying leather to their books.

The focus of the class will be on learning and reinforcing sound bookbinding techniques with special emphasis on working with leather. All students will complete at least one full-leather book in the course. Some more experienced students may be introduced to simple design techniques such as embossing and other surface treatments if time allows. No fine binding experience is needed for beginning students. Those new to AAB who wish to take the class as an intermediate student must first send samples of their work for evaluation. This course and may be repeated as needed or desired.

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