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This course will focus on the repair of losses and tears on different types of papers, as well as guarding a textblock which has been pulled apart for rebinding. Participants will learn when and how to apply the various repair methods including understanding the behavior of the repair papers and adhesives used. In addition, participants will learn how to make their own cast pulp repair paper with simple equipment and the making of solvent-set repair tissue. This workshop will also address the pros and cons of humidification, and the importance of suitable flattening and drying.

Morning lectures will cover history of paper making, basic paper chemistry, material studies as well as damage analysis and condition reports. The goal of this course is to apply as much of the theory in hands-on treatments as possible and give ample time for practice. Students who are interested in a Diploma Program should bring 3 textblocks in need of treatment and sewing, preferably not more than one inch thick and 12 inches tall. The textblocks should show tattered edges, tears and losses and should have been printed before 1850. No prior conservation experience is necessary to attend this class. Students should have some basic working knowledge of bookbinding to maximize their learning experience.

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