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Big Ink is coming to Denver June 8 and will be held at Red Delicious Press.

Check out the artists selected for BIG INK's upcoming printing event in Denver, CO!  This will be the first time Big Ink visits the Mile High City. The public is invited to celebrate the culmination of their new creations during a printing demonstration open to the public on June 8th from 11 am - 4 pm at Red Delicious Press. The artists will be utilizing the studio’s monster 4' x 8' printing press that is painted candy apple red.

Accepted artists include: Juan Hinojosa | Marcia Weese & Harry Teague | Audrey Mantooth | Gregory Santos | Mia Kosko | Ashley QuickJim Harris | Michael Keyes

About Big Ink

Our mission is to inspire a greater public appreciation for large-scale woodblock printmaking and extend its practice.

BIG INK is an organized network of creative thinkers focused on promoting the art of large-scale woodblock printing. Lyell Castonguay and Carand Burnet first developed the idea in 2012 as a way to spread their passion for the medium with other artists and the general public.  In 2017 BIG INK was established as an LLC.  BIG INK works by establishing a temporary print shop on site at partnership organizations, most often at museums, universities, art centers, studios, and galleries. Artists are selected, either by personal invitation or through a call-for-entry process, to attend these events and print original woodblocks at least 24” x 36” in dimension. Since the program’s inception, hundreds of artists have participated in BIG INK events across the country.

Individuals accepted into BIG INK’s call-for-entry program enjoy a variety of perks. Services include photography of the finished work and potential inclusion in BIG INK focused group shows hosted at multiple venues each year.  BIG INK’s step-by-step videos demonstrate the preferred materials and techniques, including plywood types, image transferring, carving, creating textures, fixing mistakes, tool maintenance, incorporating power tools, and more. There are over twenty segments in the series.  The course is designed for the experienced printmaker as well as creative makers new to woodblock who have worked in media such as painting, sculpture, illustration, graphic design, and more.  Expanding the practice of woodblock printing is a cornerstone of our overall mission. We pride ourselves on helping artists discover the potential of this wonderful art form!

In addition to our call-for-entry program, BIG INK works with organizations on a contract basis. This is common with museums who’d like for us to do an educational demonstration for their visitors or universities who’d like for us to work alongside their students. The sheer spectacle of printing large and the kinetic energy of a group of artists working together makes for a demonstration that is educational and inspiring. Hosting a printing event, organizing an exhibit, or holding a lecture helps the community see the intrinsic value of this historically rich practice.