The Depot’s Executive Director Tom Parson and 95-year-old Harry Fleenor gave a printing demo and some lessons in typesetting at the Englewood Library’s DIY day.  Harry sold Tom his first Chandler and Price press, back in 1983. All three - the press (and its over a dozen companions now), Tom and Harry - still going strong. And helping excite new generations. 

Tom then headed to Madison to visit the Library of Amateur Journalism at the University of Wisconsin, which was part of the joint AAPA-NAPA-The Fossils conference this year. He got to not only see the beautiful view from his hotel, but to touch and feel and see the amazing collection.  Journals like The Junior Press from 1883 and a Parlour Press popular in the Victorian era were on display.  An early binding project crammed them all together big and small, as you can see below. For those interested in old letterpress journals, you can see a history online. Tom also has an immense collection that needs sorting and assessing for a future place in the Depot.  Let us know if you're interested in digging in.