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                             Jason Wedekind leads a team of volunteers

                             Jason Wedekind leads a team of volunteers

Construction at the Letterpress Depot

New wall for access ramp


Letterpress projects this month

 Curtis & Mitchell tabletop platen on a new hydraulic lift table…ready to print the winning design of art student Cassie Schaad, Platte Canyon High School: tickets for the Hootenanny!

Printing on a Poco for the Alliance of Artists Communities:

Newly donated Heidelberg on the move!

heidelberg move.jpg

We still need your support and involvement!

Come volunteer, donate, check out our posters, memberships and other perks available on our website at; further info by phone (720-480-5358) and email and by direct mail (Letterpress Depot, PO Box 798 Englewood CO 80151).