Concrete! I've always taken for granted what's beneath my feet. But the slurry! the choreography of pouring, raking, edging, smoothing! And then lo! we have a ramp. Thanks to your donations, for the first time since the building was moved to this location in 1994, an area drain and concrete steps and a ramp/drive mean we can move in our collection of printing equipment and type. 

raking in slurry.JPG

Tom Parson can give a whole run-through of all that was done as our major ramp was laid down, but these pictures give a sense of it all. 

As soon as the concrete cures, the grand move will be possible! Volunteers are now clearing the lower room, sealing the floor,  unplywooding the walls, and planning the layout for cabinets and presses. Join us in getting this prep work done.

work day.jpg

Thank you for your support! We are about to launch a double-your-donation effort for the next phase of construction, so if you missed out on supporting this ramp there will be more. Heat! Electricity! Toilets! And we need additional volunteers to help move our collection out of storage and into the building. Suggestions, donations, volunteer offers, and all questions are welcome. Email: or phone: 720-480-5358.