Let me count the ways:


1. Donate a perk to our Indiegogo campaign: We would love to offer some of your work as a
“perk” to people donating to the fundraiser. If you have something to share, email asap to englewooddepot@gmail.com, then send us an image of the item and mail it to Letterpress Depot c/o Tom Parson, 157 S. Logan Street, Denver CO, 80209 so we can list it quickly.

2. Donate money. We love small donors and major ones. Donors over $500 receive special acknowledgement but we are grateful for everyone. You can either donate through our marketplace or give us a call 720-480-5358 or email and we will talk more.

3. Log into our Indiegogo after May 1 and find a perk you cannot live without.

4. Spread the word about our Indiegogo on social media and from the rooftops of your houses.