What’s happening under the blue tarp?

Construction is underway!

Construction is underway!

Progress! We have secured permits and our contractor has started framing the fourth wall that was missing. This huge step was made possible by all who have visited, shared and donated to our campaign!  We still have a ways to go towards reaching our goal for funding to complete construction, but we can’t stop smiling. And thanking you.

Framing the wall to the basement pressroom!

Framing the wall to the basement pressroom!

Help us crack 20k in 10 days!

We've come a long way to get to this point! But, we still have a long way to go. Please consider supporting our campaign during this must-make fundraising initiative! See our indiegogo page to make a donation and check out our perks! This week we've got $2000 in matching funds from large donors and are trying to crack 20k by Thursday 5/25! 

Workshops from superstar letterpress printers!

Once we get the building in order, we will be able to host workshops teaching letterpress printing and other book arts to individuals and groups – it’s part of our DNA, our reason for existing. But before our building is ready, you can take workshops with master printers whose work will make you say, “how did they do that?”.  We have two new perks right now that will show you how.

The work of Jennifer Farrell (left) and Brad Vetter (right)

The work of Jennifer Farrell (left) and Brad Vetter (right)

Jennifer Farrell, who runs Starshaped Press out of Chicago, created the ampersand print above (and many others) just out of regular and ornamental type. Her press is one of the few presses in the country producing commercial work while preserving antique type and related print materials. She will help you brush up on your understanding of typography and letterforms and show you how to create large, pictorial images with just type and metal ornaments. Beginners and seasoned veterans welcome! We are offering this 1.5 day workshop right here in Denver in late summer 2017 for 8 lucky donors. Check out our perk section to claim your spot.

Brad Vetter, who spent eight years honing his craft at the legendary Hatch Show Print in Nashville, one of the oldest letterpress print shops in the country, will explore new (and old) techniques in letterpress printing, including pressure printing that creates unique and spontaneous images in his 1.5 day workshop. Along with, he promises, “some other fun surprises.” Brad runs his own letterpress and design studio where he continues to hand print rock-and-roll posters while also adding more digital design to his repertoire. This workshop will be hosted here in Denver in fall 2017 with spots for available for 8 donors who want to take their printing to exciting new places.

To have both come to Denver to teach is a treat; to have them both heading our way to support the Letterpress Depot is an honor. And you don’t have to live here in Denver to come and learn. If you’re interested in traveling to Denver to attend this workshop please get in touch! We can help with any questions you may have.


Johannes Gutenberg Circle

Thank You To PUBLICATION PRINTERS which has a long history in Denver, for supporting us at the Johannes Gutenberg Circle level!  In 1926, the Rosenbergs, a family of printers, came to Denver. In 1979, brothers Gary and IV Rosenberg founded Publication Printers, which prides itself on being innovative, progressive, and a trusted leader in the web printing industry. Publication Printers started out doing coldset newspaper printing and evolved into one of the country’s leading web printers, successfully marketing and distributing magazines, catalogs, brochures, direct mail, digital editions and more – taking care of every aspect of the project from printing and binding to mailing and shipping. Gary remains as president and CEO of this 2nd generation family-owned business.

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