Who:  Pat Fortner @Foothill Arts Center

What: Handmade Books

Where:  809 15th Street, Golden

When:  March 4,11,18 & 25, 6-8:30pm

How Much:   $165

For more info/registration:   http://www.pamfortner.com/


Who: Helen Hiebert presented by The Book Arts League & Guild of Book Workers

What: Paper weaving and woven paper hinge workshop

Where: Ewing Farmhouse, 1915 N 95th, Lafayette

When: March 7,8

How Much: $140 + $20 materials fee.

For more info/registration: sammy@studiosmlk.com 

Who:  Jill Powers

What: 2 Kozo workshops

Where:  Jill Powers Studio/Boulder

When:  March 15 Bark Fiber (9-30-2) AND Advanced Kozo 3D (2-5)

How Much:  $185 for both or $125 for fiber; $95 for 3D

For more info/registration: http://jillpowers.com/index.php?id=192